• Handing down records
    of earthquake disasters
    to future generations

    The NDL collects, preserves and provides records in cooperation with various organizations.


    provides useful information such as information related to COVID-19, various statistics, Japanese laws, newspaper articles, magazine articles, company/organization list information, science and technology journals/minutes databases, etc.

  • Japan Search is now officially released!

    Japan Search, a platform for digital resources from a wide variety of Japanese content, ranging from published works, art works, and cultural assets to movies, officially released on August 25, 2020.

  • The EAST ASIA DIGITAL LIBRARY (EADL) is now available.

    The EADL, a portal site for cultural and scientific resources in East Asian languages, was launched jointly by the National Library of Korea and the NDL, Japan, on December 17, 2020.

Current~Coming Events and Exhibitions

  • Open

    March 9(Tue.)~June 13(Sun.),

    Sports and Children's Books will be held at the ILCL

  • Not Required

    March 31(Wed.)~April 23(Fri.),

    Picture books and music for children "Five Nice Mice"* will be held at the Online

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